Christmas Presents

MACMILLAN MERTON  original christmas cards

These cards can be bought from our

Virtual Early Early Christmas Fair page

Alternately, If you are local (SW19/SW20) then

Contact Us and we will hand deliver (covid secure). 

Our cards are sold in packs of 10 @ £4.

All paintings and one photo have been given to us and printing costs have been covered by sponsors so every penny goes directly to the Macmillan team at St. George's Hospital, Tooting.  Thank you sponsors and artists!


Welcome to our selection of cards for 2021.  Some are old favourites, some are brand new images. We think there's a good balance of local views, religious and general Christmas themes.  This year's cards will be wrapped in specially designed strips of recycled and recyclable brown paper, fastened with 'eco' sellotape.  Don't be disappointed if some of your cards still have cellophane sleeves - they were wrapped before the new 'strips' arrived. 

We are holding the price down to £4 for a pack of 10 identical cards, every penny of which will go to the wonderful Macmillan Nurses, Doctors and Specialists working at St. George's Hospital, Tooting.

We are looking for places to sell the cards - please let us know if you know of a suitable opportunity?  The more we sell the fewer we have to put away and the more money we can send to St. George's!

We are Light is a much loved font inspired by elements of Bauhaus design. Ideal for headlines, banners, logos & more, it will make your words stand out.

Surprise Entry in the Boat Race

Sponsor:  Big Yellow Storage
Artwork by: Anita Raven

Cannizaro Walk
Sponsor:   SW19London
Artwork by: Sally Burrough

Tree Topper

Sponsor: Jennifer Newman Artwork by: Gail ter Haar

Wimbledon Windmill in the Snow

Sponsor:  EGInsurance 
Artwork by: Marsha Beresford

Snowy Sheep

Sponsor: Peacock Family

Artwork by: Clare Weatherill

Peace and Goodwill
Sponsor:  Anonymous
Artwork by: Gail ter Haar

Centre Court Surprise

Sponsor: Liza Roe
Artwork by: Anita Wilson

Ho Ho Hole in One

Sponsor: Carol & Allan Kerr
Artwork by: Anita Wilson


Sponsor: Lucie White & Co.

Artwork by: Gail McCarthy ter Haar

A Welcome Sight

Sponsor: Peacock Family

Artwork by: Sally Burrough


Sponsor: Gordon and Sue Thorburn

Artwork by: Clare Weatherill

Dogs Singing

Sponsor: Grace Mostyn

Artwork by: "Alice"

Horses in Wimbledon.jpg

Winter Landscape

Artwork by Graham Wood

Catching the Last Post

Sponsor: Hawes & Co 

Artwork by: Marsha Beresford

Skating at the Natural History Museum

Sponsor: Anonymous

Artwork by: Clare Weatherill


Sponsor: Anonymous
Artwork by: Gail ter Haar

Three Kings

Sponsor:  Grace Mostyn
Artwork by: Marsha Beresford