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We are Macmillan Cancer Support (Merton), known for short as Macmillan Merton.  With your help, we raise money for Macmillan Nurses and Specialists based at our local hospitals: St. George's, St. Helier, Epsom and the Royal Marsden, Sutton, all of which serve the needs of our local community.  Currently, all money raised is going for a new Macmillan Support Worker at St. George's Hospital, Tooting, who will assist the Breast Care Clinical Nurse, relieving her of her non-medical duties, allowing the Nurse to spend maximum time caring for her patients.  The role has proved to be very successful and extremely important to the cancer care team.

Over the past few years you have helped provide several posts at the Marsden, the Oncology Day Unit at St. George's, 6 Support Workers, support for Jigsaw4U and now a Breast Cancer Support Worker.


If you are looking for cancer support services please contact the main  Macmillan website, otherwise have a browse here to see how we raise funds in Merton. If you are interested in getting involved in fund-raising for Macmillan please contact us for further information. We would be delighted to hear from you!

CHRISTMAS CARDS!!!  All the available designs have been uploaded to the site (see 'Cards' above).  If you would like to order some (free delivery locally) they are £4 for 10 cards/envelopes and are mainly A6 in size, with the square cards being 12.5x12.5cm).  Please order through the 'Contact us' tab above (attn Liza)





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